Please help: Support the continuation of cleft surgical services in Edinburgh

I’m usually very protective of my family life and in particular pictures and information about my wife and daughter. I’m breaking this rule with the permission of my daughter to ask you to show your support for the continuation of cleft surgical services in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. My daughter was born with a cleft lip and palate and within hours of her birth we were receiving support from the Edinburgh cleft team. Clefts are the most common facial defect affecting 1 in 700 births. Currently in Scotland there are two cleft teams in Scotland, on in Glasgow and the other in Edinburgh. It’s worth stressing how important these teams are including plastic surgeons, speech therapists, orthodontists, dentists, audiologist, clinical nurse specialists and more. For the east of Scotland the Clinical Lead of Cleft Lip and Palate Services is the world renowned Dr Felicity Mehendale.

Whilst many hard decisions have to be made in funding the NHS given the number of children affected by clefts I think it’s important that in Scotland we maintain both the high level of treatment as well as invaluable research and teaching in this area. With this in mind please:

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