Thanks for this excellent script. I had it working on Google Drive for years but to be honest forget about it. Until this week when I found out I am almost 10 years active on Twitter. I migrated from Google Drive to Github, which just works beautiful, thanks again.
But I have a similar issue with date and time, although it is just the other way around. I also have this issue with Timehop, an app that shows my tweet from that day x years ago. It looks like the timestamp in my js files changed somewhere over the course of Twitter’s archive facility.
In the beginning, timestamps of the individual tweets in the year_month.js files were like “created_at” : “Sat Mar 31 21:58:55 +0000 2007”
I had those working for years on Google Drive until 2014. That’s the last time I updated the Google Drive version of the script. I still have those js files.
Now, when I downloaded the new archive, the timestamp looks like “created_at” : “2007-03-31 00:00:00 +0000”. Mind you, this is the timestamp of the exact same tweet. You see the time is gone. This is not cool, since this new archive will not show my tweets in the correct order. Mind you, this _will_ break the internet one day ;-)
So what I did, I downloaded the original older archive from Google Drive, put those in the data/js/tweets folder and commit & sync.

But… Now the older tweets show a date and are in the correct order, you can see it on But it doesn’t show the time. And newer tweets don’t show a date/time at all.
So where to begin? I know I can make a local branch and play around with the source code but my js and bootstrap knowledge is very limited. Is there any way to solve this so that all tweets are in the correct order and show a date/time?

I hope my rambling makes some sense…